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Applications and Popularities of C++

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  • Last Updated : 30 Nov, 2021
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C++ is a programming language, which has imperative and object-oriented programming(OOPs) features. It is referred to as a middle-level programming language. C++ was developed by Bjarne Stroustrup at Bell Labs in 1979. It has first appeared in the year of 1985.

It supports official, object-oriented and generic programming. It is having a rich standard library with a rich set of functions manipulating files and methods manipulating data structures in ease and fast way etc. This language is widely used among programmers or developers mainly in the application domain. It contains the important parts including the core language providing all the required building blocks including variables, data types, constants, etc.

Applications Of C++:

There are several uses or benefits of C++ for developing applications. For example, the applications that are based on the graphic user interface(GUI) like adobe photoshop and others. It is popular among students as a beginning language. Some of the major applications that are used in C++ by major software vendors, sellers, and giants are-

  • Google: C++ is used for lots of google magic like Big table, Google file system, Google Chromium browser, and MapReduce large cluster data processing are all written in C++.
  • Mozilla: Mozilla uses a subset of C++. C++ 14  is required to build Mozilla 59, Mozilla Firefox, and Thunderbird email chat client are both written using C++.
  • Microsoft: Lots of windows apps that you regularly use are written in C++, It features tools for developing and debugging C++ code, especially code written for the DirectX, Windows API, and .NET.
  • Rockstar Games: Almost all major game companies use C++ due to its right speed on bare metal. Many major game engines are fully written in C++ and leverage its speed and OOPs capabilities.
  • MongoDB: MongoDB is an open-source database, widely used as the back-end store for web applications, as well as in large enterprises like Viacom, biotechnology giants, and Disney.
  • Games and Animations: C++ is used for developing games. It simplifies the complexity of 3-Dimensional games and helps in optimizing the resources. C++ supports the multiplayer option with networking. It is preferable because it is very fast in runtime and is mainly used in developing the suites of a game tool. It is widely used in building real-time, image processing,  visual effects, and mobile sensor applications, modelling which is mainly coded in C++. This software is used for animation, environments, motion graphics, and virtual reality. These virtual reality devices are the most popular in today’s entertainment world.
  • Media Access: C++ is also used for creating a media player, managing video files and audio files, etc. An example is the Winamp Media player, which is developed in C++, which allows users to enjoy music, access and share the videos and music files, etc.
  • Compilers: It is known that C++language is compiled language this is the main reason why most of the compilers are mainly written in C++ language only. The compilers used for compiling other languages like C#, Java, etc. are mainly written in C++ only. It is also used in developing these languages as well as C++ is platform-independent and able to create a variety of software.
  • Scanning: The applications such as film scanners or camera scanners are also developed in the C++ language. It has been used for developing PDF technology for print documentation, exchanging documents, publishing the documents,  and archiving the document as well.

Reasons For Popularity Of C++:

  • C++ is a fast programming language and can do low level but one can still program in high-level styles with good efficiency.
  • It is one of the fastest and predictable languages out there in the world of programming and is compatible with other low-level programming languages(LLPL) like Rust.
  • One can use OOPs styles more similar to Java and C# with virtual functions and smart pointers. C++ has more decent functional style support through const. and lambdas. Memory allocation is not a great deal in these cases most of the time. Programmer can organize their programs in a very high-level way.
  • C++ has been able to stay useful and vital because it can be changed according to the needs of the developer.  Unlike other languages, C++ is much adaptable and can be quickly adapted to programmer and software needs.
  • With so much code written in C++ already, it’s no surprise that there are plenty of jobs for developers who are proficient in C++. Top MNCs from Google to Microsoft often seek out and hire C++ developers.


Nowadays, C++ is the language that is used everywhere but mainly in systems programming and embedded systems and data structures. Here system programming means developing the operating systems(OS) or drivers that interface with hardware. Embedded system means things that are automobiles, robotics, mobile phones, and appliances. C++ having a higher and rich community for developers helps in the easy hiring of developers and online solutions easily.

The syntax of the C++ language is very simple, which makes it easy to write or develop and errors can be easily removed. Because of its ease to learn, programmers preferred to learn C++ first, and then they used other languages. But most of the developers try to stick with C++ only because of its vast variety of uses and compatibility with multiple platforms and software.

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