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Appinventiv Interview Experience

  • Last Updated : 26 Feb, 2021

It was an on-campus drive. The minimum criteria were only 55%, but I think not everyone got selected there must be some criteria based on amcat scores.  Then a PPT where they explain about their company, benefits, and learning opportunity.  

Online MCQ Test: First was one online MCQ test. It contains around 50-60 MCQ. based on C, C++, Java, OS, OOPS, Aptitude, English. and It was not easy around 700 people appeared for the test and only 48 is selected for the next round Including me : ).

Then after some days, we got an email that the Interview is tomorrow.  

1st Technical Interview: He asked me about the Traveling salesman problem, Merge sort ( Implementation also), Basic C, C++, Java interview questions, One more coding question.  

The basic key is just to learn the top 100 interview questions of this stuff and I guess you are strong in DS and Algo. I was doing competitive at that time, so I solved them easily, and then he asked for 2-3 puzzle-type problems which were also easy.  

After that, I received another mail that 2nd Technical interview is after 1 hour. ( From 48 people only 6-7 were selected)

2nd Technical interview: It was just like the first but This time VP of the company took it. I was also selected for this.  

Only 3 people got selected after this round including me.  

Then after 10 days, I got an email of HR interview –  

HR interview was straightforward. Just assume that you already got the job and ask her if you have any query It was fun.  

Then after a wait of 2 months, they ask me to come to their office and receive the offer letter. There they will give you a bond to sign and some chocolates 😛  

This was my experience of Appinventiv : ) 

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