Appdynamics On Campus Internship Interview Experience

Coding Round
There were 9 MCQs and 3 Coding Problems in Coding Round. Most of the MCQs were on basic Data Structures, Algorithms and 2 MCQs were on DBMS.
Coding Problems :

Question-1: 1
Question 2: You are given an array of n integers. You can perform the following operation k times.
a[i] = ceil(a[i]/2)
You can perform this operation on the same number multiple times. You need to minimise the sum of the array after k operations.

Question-3: 3

Round 1
This was a technical round in which interviewer asked me questions about my project and then asked me some SQL queries. Then he asked me to code given problems on pen and paper
Question 1: Given a bracketing sequence. You can replace open bracket with close bracket and also close with open bracket. You need to make given bracket a regular bracket sequence.

Question-2: 2

Round 2
This was also a technical round. The interviewer asked me questions on my project, and then he asked me to code the following task keeping Object-Oriented Programming paradigm in mind.
You are given a binary search tree, and you need to make a function named next_successor which should print next successor of inorder traversal in O(log n) space and O(1) time.
Then he asked me to create a data structure which should perform the following functions in O(1) time
1. Insert
2. Delete
3. Contains (return True if the given value is present)
4. get random (return any random value from available values)
(I was not supposed to code this instead explain my approach)

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