AppDynamics Interview Experience | On Campus (Virtual) July 2020

For the role of Software Engineer Test.
Online round: 3 coding questions and few MCQ. (Platform? -> Hackerrank).

1 question on finding duplicates. – easy using sets in cpp.
1 question on finding median of multiple (x,y) points
1 question on dp with strings – Count the number of ways to construct the target string available on GFG)

out of 900 students only 22 were shortlisted.

Interview Round 1 virtual on WEBEX TEAMS

Few simple questions on DSA,
1) about Heapify and then was asked to code it 
2) then asked about trees both Binary tree and binary search tree. Code on how to convert a binary tree to linked list, 
3) next asked about valid parenthesis length with and without using stack.

next he moved on to OS.
4) Difference between Process and Thread. and explain with real life examples.
5) asked about virtual memory
6) then he moved on to deadlocks
7) after that he asked me everything I know about deadlocks.

then he moved to DBMS
8) he asked about normalization.
9) he asked about BCNF.
10) he asked about ACID properties.

Interview Round 2 virtual on WEBEX TEAMS

started with my introduction. 
moved on to DSA.
1) had a discussion on HASHING.
2) asked about finding out Anagrams in a string.
3) wanted an optimized approach using prime numbers and then later asked me to code it.

Then he asked few questions on OOPs

4) Static Keyword. and asked few question on how can we implement it, What are it uses and etc.
5) Then asked about polymorphism.
6) Then about Final Keyword.

Unfortunately I couldn’t make it to Technical Round 3.


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