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AppDynamics Interview Experience

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 08 Aug, 2019

Round 1:

Online Round consisted of 12 MCQs(Technical) and 3 coding questions.

Duration 90 minutes.

1)http://Count subsequence of length three in a given string

Can be done using three variables in O(N).

2)Given a string consisting of 0’s and 1’s and we have to find minimum flips to convert string to all 0’s.Here if we flip a character then all characters to the right will be flipped as well.

EX: 1000

flip 1 at 0 index then 000 to the right of it will also get flipped resulting 0111

flip 1 at index 1 resulting 0000. So answer is 2 flips.

O(N) is expected.

3) Given a string, we have to find count of substrings where substring should contain only vowels and all 5 vowels must be there where count of each vowel(a, e, i, o, u) must be greater than 0.

EX: aaoiuebaioue

3 strings –> aaoiue, aoiue, aioue

Hint: use window sliding.

O(N) is expected.

Round 2:(Technical Round)

Only one question is asked in this round.If you are good in DP then you can clear this round.


Initially asked me for one transaction then extended it to atmost 2 transactions and then to atmost k transactions.

Round 3: (Technical Round)

1)How heap is allocated for a program.

2)Write a code to heapify (You can write for max-heap or min-heap) and complexity analysis.

3)Design elevator system where there are n lifts which are synchronised(If we press the button then lift with shortest distance will respond).Input will be person position and direction(up or down) and an array of lift positions and their directions.

Round 4: (Technical Round)

1)Discussed Summer Internship project.Testing the output of the project(Correctness by generating random data).

2) Given a file system (which is tree structured) we have to delete the directory which occupies more space and far from root.

Round 5: (HR Round)

Basic HR questions like Tell me about yourself, Failures in your life, Why AppDynamics?


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