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aplaymidi Command in Linux with Examples
  • Last Updated : 24 Jun, 2019

aplaymidi command in Linux is used to play standard MIDI(Musical Instrument Digital Interface) files, by sending the content of a MIDI file to an ALSA(Advanced Linux Sound Architecture) MIDI port, sound renderer like timidity or a hardware MIDI device are required to play MIDI files.


aplaymidi [options] [MIDIfile]


  • -h or –help: This is used to show all the options and syntax of the command.
    $ aplaymidi -h

  • -V or –version: It is used to display the current version of the SW.
    $ aplaymidi -V

  • -l or –list: It is used to display the list of all possible MIDI output ports.
    $ aplaymidi -l

  • -p or –port=client:port : It specifies ports(s) to play MIDI to.
    $ aplaymidi -p 14:0 test1.mid

  • -d or –delay=seconds : It delay once MIDI sound ends.
    $ aplaymidi -p 14:0 -d 10 test1.mid

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