Angular 7 | Introduction

Angular 7 is a TypeScript based front-end web framework by Google. It enables you to create Single Page Applications(SPA) with the help of the concept of components. The components in Angular 7 are structured like a tree i.e. there are parent and child components in which each child component is connected to its respective parent component. 

Single Page Applications: 
A single page application is a web application which provide users to a very fast and reactive experience. It contains menu, buttons, and blocks on a single page and when a user clicks any of them, it dynamically rewrites the current page instead of loading new pages from the server. This is the reason behind its robustness. 

Why Angular 7: There are many advantages of angular 7 which makes it more convenient for use. 
Robustness and High Performance: 


  • Supports most of the languages: Angular can be used as a front-end web development tool for the programming languages like Node.js, .Net, PHP, Java Struts, Spring and other servers for real time rendering in just HTML and CSS. It also optimizes the website for better SEO.
  • Code optimization: It makes the templates in optimized way for today’s JavaScript virtual machines which gives the benefits of hand-written code. 
  • Code splitting: Angular apps are fast and load quickly with the new Component Router (handles routing), which delivers automatic code-splitting and the user only loads the code required to render the view they want.

Supports multiple platforms: 

  • Desktop apps: It allows you to create desktop installed apps on different operating systems i.e. Windows, Mac or Linux by using the same methods which we use for creating web and native apps.
  • Progressive web applications: Progressive web applications are the most common apps which are built with Angular. It provides modern web platform capabilities to deliver high performance installation apps.


  • Templates: Provides with simple and smooth UI view with intelligent IDE.
  • Angular CLI: Angular CLI provides command line tools start building fast, add components and tests, and then instantly deploy.

Full Development: 

  • Testing: Provides with strong unit testing i.e. it provides Karma and Jasmine for unit testing. By using it, you can check your broken things every time you save.
  • Accessibility: In it, you can create accessible applications with ARIA-enabled components, developer guides, and built-in ally test infrastructure.


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