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Angular 2 vs Vue JS

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Angular 2 is a framework for web applications. It is completely free and the development credit for this framework goes to Google. It is an open-source framework that was launched on 14 September 2016. It is covered under the MIT license and is written using TypeScript. It is widely popular and is used by organizations as well as individuals for the development of web applications.

Vue.js is a javascript framework and it uses a Model View View-Model (MVVM) strategy for the development process, This framework is open source and is mainly used for front end development. The development credit for this framework goes to Evan You. This framework is written in TypeScript and uses an MIT license. It is a very small framework of nearly 33 KB size.


Below is a table of differentiation between Angular 2 and Vue.js:


Angular 2


1.TypeScript understanding is a must to start with Angular 2. It is effortless and straight forward and anyone can learn it.
2.Backward compatibility is low.Its backward compatibility is really good.
3.For starting Angular 2, modules are needed to be imported.It does not require importing modules for starting.
4.It is old and very popular.It is not as popular as Angular 2
5.Integration with existing projects is difficult.It is easy to integrate with other existing projects.
6.Development can be done faster.It is lighter and does not require any heavy configuration.
7.Complex and large projects can be completed easily.It is suitable for smaller projects.
8.Model view controller pattern is followed.It follows the view model for application development.
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Last Updated : 26 Apr, 2022
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