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Top 10 Android Project Ideas With Source Code

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Android Projects refers to the development of the software in the Android platforms which mainly focuses on the creation of software applications by the software developers for the Android operating system. These project apps help to cover multiple topics such as database design, navigation, testing, and so on. In this article, detailed knowledge is provided for the students and the working professionals about Android project development and also about the top 10 best Android project ideas.

Best Android Projects Ideas

These projects are developed using multiple programming languages like C++, Kotlin, Java, and so on. For Android project development the most important programming language is Java. These Android projects are deployed to the devices running in the Android operating system which consist of tablets, smartphones, smartwatches, and other devices.

Top 10 Best Android Project Ideas

There are multiple Android Projects that are built by the students during their college days or for placement purposes. These Android projects consist of basic-level, intermediate-level, and advanced-level projects. Some of the ideas for building Android projects are mentioned below:

1. Weather App

Weather App is an Android app for Android devices that allows users to check the real-time weather conditions for any particular location. It is an app that fetches data from multiple sources, by presenting forecasts, humidity, temperature, and so on.


  • It consists of a user-friendly interface that provides good and correct information about the weather conditions.
  • With the help of this app, people can plan trips so that they can have correct weather updates.
  • The weather app provides hourly, daily, and weekly updates.

Programming Language used: Kotlin.

Required Tools: Weather API, Google Map API and Android Studio.

Source Code: Weather App

2. Quiz App

Quiz App is a type of app which provides a fun and knowledgeable way to test the knowledge of a person in multiple topics. This app is created for the students who are in school or in colleges to test their ability and understanding for the given topics.


  • Quiz app consists of a user-friendly interface where the users can select the topics and answer the questions related to which they are testing their knowledge.
  • Some of these quiz apps also consist of scoreboards and achievements which motivates the users to take the quiz test and download this app.

Programming Language used: Java.

Required tools: Android studio, scoreboard API and SQLite. SQLite is used for storing the questions and answers of the required topics.

Source Code: Quiz App

3. E-commerce App

E-commerce Apps are the android applications which provide a seamless shopping experience where the users can browse the required products, read the reviews of the selected products and buy them with secure payment gateways.


  • The e-commerce app allows the users to do their shopping anywhere and at any time.
  • The users can purchase, read the reviews about the product and buy with secure payment gateways.
  • Wish Lists, order tracking and so on are some of the features which are present in e-commerce applications.

Programming language used: Java or Kotlin for the frontend and for the server side node.js or Python.

Required tools: Android studio, backend server, firebase and the Payment gateway SDKs.

4. Calculator App

A Calculator App is a type of tool which is used by the students, working professionals and mostly by the mathematicians for calculation purposes. This app is created in such a way that any complex calculations can be calculated within some couple of seconds.


  • Calculator app consists of an user friendly interface which is used for performing complex and arithmetic operations.
  • It is designed for quick calculations from basic level to complex levels.
  • It is used by the students for their everyday calculations purposes.

Programming Languages used: Java.

Required tools: Android Studio.

Source Code: Calculator App

5. Social Media App

Social Media App is an android app which is used to connect the users all over the world where the users can create their profiles and share about day to day updates to their friends. This app allows you to follow and get followed by other people in that app.


  • Story sharing, notification enabling and direct messaging are some of social media app features.
  • Users can share profiles, photos, videos and updates with the help of this social media app.
  • This app helps to interact with friends and followers who are living in different cities and countries.

Programming Language used: Java or Kotlin, Node.js .

Required tools: Android studio, SQLite and News API.

Source Code: Social Media App

6. Note App

Note app is the android note taking app which are the types of digital notebooks for writing down the lists, ideas, reminders and the important notes for users future references.


  • Image attachments, categorization and voice notes are some of the features present in note app.
  • The syncing capabilities present in the note-taking app might allow the access across several devices.
  • This app is used for writing down the ideas and important notes.

Programming Languages used: Java or Kotlin.

Required tools: Android studio, Dropbox or google drive, SQLite, Cloud storage API.

Source Code: Note app

7. News App

The android news app is an app which provides the latest trending news to the users. These apps allow the user to browse through the news headlines and provide the readers some new trending news all over the world.


  • News apps offer news in multiple topics such as sports, politics, entertainment and news.
  • Bookmarks, offline reading, personalised feeds are some of the features present in the news app.
  • It also consists of photos, videos related to the news topic the reader is reading.

Programming Language used: Java or Kotlin.

Required tools: Android studio, SQLite and News API.

Source Code: News app

8. Music App

The android music apps are used to listen to trending music and songs by famous singers. Users can listen to their favourite music and share them with their friends and other people using the music app.


  • Music app consists of a rich collection of songs of multiple genres.
  • Users can find different music according to their moods and can enjoy the music offline.
  • Radio stations, social sharing and curated playlists are some of its features present in the music app.

Programming Languages used: For server side python or node.js, Java or kotlin is used for development purposes.

Required tools: Android studio, firebase, backend server.

Source Code: Music App

9. Video Editing App

The android video editing apps are particularly used by the content creators to edit their videos and provide high quality videos to the user. These apps are also used to enhance the quality of the videos and create some advanced effects on those simple videos.


  • These video editing apps offer trimming, adding effects, music and other transformations to the simple videos.
  • This app supports transitions, multi layer editing and other export options to the users.
  • The video editing app transforms the raw footage to the cinematic masterpieces.

Programming languages used: For native libraries for the video processing C++ is used, Java or Kotlin is used for the development of this editing app.

Required tools: Android studio, OpenGL or Vulkan, FFmpeg.

10. AI Chatbot App

This is an advanced level of android project application built by android developers. It is a type of app which pretends to be having a human conversation with the users. It interacts with the user and provides the user the details they wanted.


  • The AI Chatbot App offers knowledgeable responses to the user queries.
  • It assists the user with different questions, answers, tasks and chats.
  • The leveraging advanced AI algorithms learns from the interactions by providing personalised conversation over a period of time.

Programming Languages used: For processing AI models Python is used and Java or Kotlin is used for the development purpose.

Required tools: Android studio, cloud based AI platforms are used.

Source Code: AI Chatbot App


Therefore, these are the top 10 android project development ideas which are used by the software developers to build their projects for their college or for showcasing their android development skills to the job interviews. This article covers the top 10 project ideas of combined basic, intermediate and advanced level of android development.

Last Updated : 30 Nov, 2023
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