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Android Launcher Apps Users Must Watch

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  • Last Updated : 19 Feb, 2016


Android Launchers provide luminous ways to customize your smartphones with its open source technology. As a user and an Android Application Developer, it’s not enough to own an Android gadget, instead you need to be smart enough to operate and know better about your Android gadget, especially when the device gives you the control to personalize your utility.

There are tons of the marvelous features that Android offers that are way ahead of what the other operating systems propose. Launcher, in Android, is one such drawing card that customizes everything from the home screen and animations to phone icons and gestures. Taking the smartphone technology to the next level, we have companies like Nokia, Windows and Google are harnessing the launchers with an extra gear applied.

Although, there are lots to talk about Android and its functionality growth in the current year, here we have listed down five launcher applications you should not skip as a true Android lover.

Google Now Launcher

One of the things smartphone users who have switched from Android to iOS do miss ‘Google Now’- the strikingly serviceable tool that lets you know any information at any time of the day. Available on all devices with Android Jelly Bean (4.1) and higher, the launcher helps you access Google Now from the leftmost home screen.  Similar to the use case of having everything googled for you through typing or multiple-language voice instructions, Google Now launcher is straight forward, simple and fast to launch.

Although nothing exceptional as such, it will be preferred by individuals who love plain and placid things.

With the launcher, you just need to swipe your screen with any additional tapping and enjoy it as your personal assistant for reading your messages, playing music from YouTube, intimating you the weather conditions and everything you need to know at that time.

Microsoft’s Arrow Launcher

 Introduced lately, this is yet another attractive and useful service provided by Microsoft. The Arrow Launcher, a part of Garage Project, is a smoother and quicker access to the most used apps on your phone. It serves as a personal and customized element that helps you stay on important and frequently-used apps, your favorite contacts and other important events of your life. It actually learns to start living with you and know the most important activities that you perform on your smartphone.

 The Arrow launcher assigns apps screen as its main screen and people, recent and widgets as other three displays. For instance, if you clicked a photo 10 minutes before, you will see it on your recent screen of the Arrow interface.

 Z Launcher by Nokia

Nokia has always been the leading mobile giant since its inception, and it is no farther in the list of smartphone corporations. Chasing the competitors, Nokia has brought an interesting great launching feature, which is still in the testing phase – Z Launcher. It adapts to the user environment and makes your home screen an insanely useful writing pad wherein you can scribble any letter from A-Z and what you see is all the apps, contacts, websites and everything your phone consists starting with that letter. Even your bookmarks and web history is displayed on the screen.  With you, it learns to promote the right stuff for you.

Buzz Launcher

Tired of downloading animated wallpapers, attractive themes and home screen layouts for your favorite device? If you are a display buff, Buzz Launcher is the buzz for you. All you have to do is pick and use from a pack of thousands of themes, screen layouts and wallpapers for the ‘homepack buzz’ screen of the launcher. Almost 800,000 themes and wallpapers are already present that are regularly upgraded for free. You can also implement custom icon frames and layout grids.

TSF 3D Shell Launcher

 Another home screen customizer, this one allows you to implement #D animations with photos, wallpapers, screen layouts present with your Android device. The launcher lets you switch screens and layout transition animations and automatically hides behind your home screen as you unlock the phone or while performing some important operation.

Smart Launcher

Such business images (as seen below) are too much in trend; you can many times see them on business websites and other e-commerce portals.

And now you can get this business display on your home screen with Smart Launcher app. It will give your smartphone an elegant and posh look with lots of usability and accessibility just from the home screen. You get access to the most commonly used apps on your mobile phone, displayed in a ring.

The launcher is connected with the application manager, and if you try deleting an icon from the screen, the whole application gets deleted. Simple and unique, this Android launcher has more than 5 Million installs until now.

Action Launcher 3.5

 Action Launcher has been a preferred pick by Android users from the time it has launched. Now the developers have launched a new version with several novels and innovative featured programmed. It comes with an option of Quicktheme, which uses your smartphone’s background to identify the accents for the theme. It also includes Covers and Shutters that will let you launch innovatively on folders and apps and shortcuts keeping your home screen intact and also QuickPage that is a hidden home screen to access anytime, anywhere. There is a free app launcher available for everyone, with a premium service costing a few dollars.

About the Author: Vaishnavi Agrawal loves pursuing excellence through writing and have a passion for technology. She has successfully managed and run personal technology magazines and websites. She currently writes for, a global training company that provides e-learning and professional certification training.

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