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Android Developer Interview at Headstrong and SnapDeal

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 03 Aug, 2021

1st Round: 
1) What is Heap Memory and Difference between stack and heap memory. 
2) Why would you do the setContentView() in onCreate() of Activity class. 
3) In an app where a component would get would stack up dynamically like experiences in LinkedIn. Would you declare a component in layout xml for this or you will create it dynamically and why. 

2nd Round 
1) How will you go about creating an in house GPS map system with Bluetooth. 
2) How will you create a circle with color by using XML only. 
3) How will you create an OCR application. 

1st Written Round 
1) What is the difference between an interface and abstract class. 
2) Find maximum number in an array with increasing and then decreasing numbers. 
3) Add two numbers represented by linked lists and represent the sum in third linked list. 
4) 20 odd questions about activity base class, fragments types, service’s base class, Content Providers Functions, Loaders Functions and Out Of Bound Errors. 

2nd Face to Face Round 
1) What is lifecycle of Fragment 
2) What is IPC and architecture of an app using .so file having its API exposed with IPC. 
3) Binary Search. 
4) Basic about Threads, Service and AsyncTask. 
5) When will you use a messenger and a handler. 

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