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Anchanto Interview Experience | On-Campus 2021

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  • Last Updated : 21 Sep, 2021

The interview consisted of 4 rounds: MCQs + Coding + Technical + Technical and HR. The process was entirely virtual and took place on the Hackerrank platform.

Screening Round: It consists of 55 MCQ questions for 110 minutes.

  • 25 Aptitude questions
  • 30 Technical questions from C, C++, Java, DBMS, OS, Network.

Questions were easy to medium. Around 50 out of 90 candidates were shortlisted for the next round.

Coding Round: It consists of 3 coding questions (medium) plus 2 SQL query questions (for me it was hard) for 180 minutes.

Coding questions were slight variations of the following questions :

  2. The tricky part of this question was to write a comparator of sort function.

I think the one who solved at least 3 coding questions got shortlisted. 32 students got shortlisted out of 50. I was last on the list because I forgot to hit the submit button and did that at the last minute.

Technical Round(Round1): It was about a 45-minute talk, questions were basics but she covered all CS fundamental subjects + DSA + Project. As expected, I started with a self-introduction. Then she asked me my favorite subjects, I told DSA and OOPs then she said “Ok let’s start with OS”.

Few questions that I remember :

  • Deadlock, starvation, kernel, and their types.
  • Normalization, Indexing, Sharding, etc.
  • Lots of questions from OOPs mainly from four features of OOPs with real-life examples.
  • 3 easy questions from DSA
    • Reverse string(explained two pointer approach)
    • Check palindrome(explained two pointer approach)
    • All prime numbers till N.(all approaches from naive to most optimized)
  • Discuss project(She was checking whether I have done it or not)
    • The technology used and why
    • My role in the project
    • Different tags of HTML and attributes of forms
    • APIs

This round was a game-changer for me. I answered almost all of the questions with a good explanation. 16 got shortlisted for the final round.

Technical + HR (Round2): It was about a 60-minute friendly talk with HR. As expected, I started with a self-introduction.

  • Discussed the project around(8 – 10 min).
  • Some general technical questions which I remember
    • Distributed System
    • Microservice
    • Cloud computing(5 – 6 min. discussion)
    • Primary memory
    • How can you make a website fast?
  • Some behavioral questions which I remember
    • Strength & Weakness
    • Something about your school time.
    • How good are you as a TeamPlayer?
    • Hobbies(I mentioned chess and cricket)
    • When a test match is called “TIE”, I explained to him the draw match unknowingly, then he told me to look after the interview :).
  • He asked for 3 puzzles (GfG practice is enough).

Finally, 8 got an offer. I was one of them.

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