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Analyze the role of chemical industries in the Indian economy

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Synthetic substances are a key and vital piece of present-day life, contacting practically all circles of human movement. The compound business is a vital constituent of the developing Indian economy and it is the pillar of modern and rural improvement of the nation, giving a few structure blocks and unrefined components for various ventures, including material, paper, paint, cleanser, and cleanser, drug, agrochemical and so on. The per capita utilization of synthetic substances is around one-10th of the world’s normal showing that potential interest is yet to be understood. Gaseous petrol, Benzene, Toluene, Xylene, Naphthalene (BTXN), Ethylene, Propylene, Phosphorus, Common Salt, Sulfur, and so on are the vitally unrefined substances for the production of synthetic compounds.

Substance Sector at a Glance

The compound area is a vital constituent of the developing Indian economy. Gives a few structure blocks and natural substances for various businesses, including materials, paper, paints, cleansers, drugs, agrochemicals, and so on. The Global Chemical Market (counting Fertilizers and Pharmaceuticals) size was assessed at $5.0 Trillion in 2017. Indian synthetic industry presently represents around 3% of the World Chemical Market.

  • Indian Chemical Industry (counting Fertilizers and Pharmaceuticals) size remains at $ 163 Billion every 2017-18. Its position is the sixth situation on the planet and fourth in Asia.
  • India positions seventeenth in the World Exports of Chemicals (barring drug items) and positions seventh in the World Imports of Chemicals (barring drug items).
  • The portion of Export of Chemicals and Petrochemicals is 10.3% of the complete public product in 2016-17.
  • The portion of Import of synthetic substances and petrochemicals is 10.2% in the all out public imports in 2016-17.

With Asia’s developing commitment to the worldwide synthetic industry, India arises as one of the center objections for compound organizations around the world. The Indian synthetic industry represents ~3% of the worldwide substance industry. With the coordinated drives of industry and government, the Indian substance industry could develop at a twofold digit rate. In any case, the business could try to develop significantly more and its development potential is restricted simply by its goals. This has a potential for additional potential gain in the future thinking about India’s rising seriousness in assembling. The division is taking drives to work with ventures expect to accomplish higher development rates.

World-class foundations including created land, normal gushing treatment offices alongside strong garbage removal and cremation offices are vital to draw in interest in the synthetic area in India. The different fragments of the compound business (like natural synthetics, specialty synthetics, color-antacid, pesticides, colorants, and liquor-based synthetic compounds) have their own novel arrangement of difficulties. The business can develop provided that these singular portions beat their difficulties and move quickly along the development way. The Department is going to all vital lengths to determine the difficulties and work with speed up the development of the area with the top need.

Development Drivers for the Chemical Sector

An enormous populace and immense homegrown market reliance on farming areas of strength for and request are the key development drivers for the business. A worldwide shift towards Asia as the World’s synthetic substances fabricating center point. Per capita utilization of synthetic substances in India is lower when contrasted with western nations, so massive degree for new ventures. Ascend in GDP and buying power creates gigantic development potential for the homegrown market. An emphasis on new sections like forte and information synthetic substances. Gifted science experts. A-list designing areas of strength and capacities. A portion of the significant business sectors for synthetics are North America, Western Europe, Japan, and arising economies in Asia and Latin America. The US consumes roughly one fifth of the worldwide compound utilization though Europe is the biggest shopper with approx. a portion of the utilization. The US is the biggest customer of ware synthetic substances while Asia pacific is the biggest shopper of agrochemicals and manures.

Sample Questions

Question 1: Which is the first chemical industry in India?


The first pharmaceutical company set up was Bengal Chemicals and Pharmaceutical by P.C.Ray.

Question 2: What is the importance of chemical industries in India?


 It is the mainstay of industrial and agricultural development of the country, providing several building blocks and raw materials for a number of industries like paper, textiles, and so forth.

Last Updated : 29 Mar, 2023
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