Analytics Quotient Interview Experience (On Campus)

Analytics Quotient visited our campus for two profiles – Software Engineer(SE) and Business Analyst(BA). I applied for the post of a Software Engineer. Around 200 students applied for the Software Engineer profile. The Recruitment process consisted of the following rounds:

Round 1 (Online Test)

The Online test consisted of two main modules:-

1)Aptitude Module:- There were a total of 50 questions divided into 4 parts- Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal Ability, Reading Comprehension, Data Interpretation. The time limit was 45 minutes for the 50 questions and questions were of easy to medium level. With a practice of Aptitude, you could easily solve them.

2)Technical Module:- There were a total of 50 questions divided into 4 sections – Data Structures, C Programming, Object-Oriented Programming, Database. The time limit was 45 minutes for the 50 questions. Output type questions were asked in the section for C programming and for Database questions on SQL server and some queries. The difficulty level was easy to medium.

Round 2(Coding Round)

There were two coding questions asked which were to be solved in 45 minutes:

1. Find the sequence in the array with the minimum sum. Print the sum and the sequence.

Naive and Efficient approach can be found here:

2. Convert the string to Palindrome by appending the minimum characters to it.

Example. Input: MAD, Output:MADAM

I cleared the coding round.

Round 3(Personal Interview)

The first two rounds were on campus but due to time constraints, my interview was conducted by telephone the next day.

  • He started by asking for a brief introduction of mine.
  • Two of your favorite subjects? (Told DBMS and Data Structure)
  • what is Normalization? Which Normal form is better and why?
  • What is view in DBMS? How you define it?
  • What is Data Structure?
  • Can you apply Binary Search on Linked List? what is it’s time complexity? Is it efficient than Binary Search on arrays?
  • What is Pointer?
  • What is Pass by Value and Pass by Reference? Differentiate
  • Difference between c and java

Finally asked some HR questions like my hobbies and interests, about my family background, Convenient to work in Bangalore.

After 2 days, I was informed by the Placement Cell coordinator that I have been selected for the Software Engineer profile.

Just Be Confident and answer whatever you know. 

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