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Analytics Quotient Interview Experience | On-Campus

  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 16 Sep, 2019

Round 1: It was an online test consisting of mcqs from quantitative aptitude, logical, verbal reasoning, data structures, dbms and programming outputs(mainly from C++ and Java). One could take this test from anywhere through a laptop with webcam access. Focus on technical part as scoring is very easy in this part and you would get through to the next round if you do moderately well here.

24 were shortlisted for the 2nd round

Round 2: It was a pen and paper based coding round. There were two questions. Both were beginner level(easy) problems. You can easily write code for both of them.

Q.1 Given two strings A and B, find out if A and B are anagrams.

Q.2 Given a square matrix of order n, replace every element with the maximum immediate neighbor(maximum among the immediate left, right, top, bottom)

Try to write optimized codes.

8 were shortlisted for final round

Round 3: Face to face interview. Questions regarding the 2nd round and projects were discussed. Purely luck based round. If they find you impressive they’ll hire you otherwise not.

4 got job offer.

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