Analytics Quad4 Interview Experience

Round 1: Written

This was a written test on paper. There were 40 questions in total (10 Analytical questions + 30 Java mcq)

There was negative marks for 10 analytical questions.

30 Java multiple choice questions which were pretty easy.

Round 2: Face to Face

  1. What is collections in Java.
  2. What is Iterator and List Iterator.
  3. What is Enumeration and Iterator.
  4. Which is fast among Enumeration and Iterator.
  5. What is JDBC.
  6. Write SQL query to fetch the image from Database.
  7. Mentions OOPS concepts and which is most used and why.
  8. Difference between prepared statements and statements.
  9. Write program to illustrate the use of HashMap.
  10. Write program to illustrate inheritance.
  11. What are the loggers level or types.
  12. How we can achieve thread safety in java.
  13. What is Multi threading.
  14. Why we will use try catch block in java? And which types of exception can be handled using try catch block.
  15. What is linear data structure and non linear data structure.
  16. How we will create model class in java.

Unfortunately, I was unable to clear this round.

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