An Insight to Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing means sharing of data or resources to achieve coherence between different platforms and economies of scale. Cloud Computing is used to describe different data centers or resources available over the internet. Cloud Computing became popular with the advent of and its first ever product Elastic Compute Cloud was released in 2006.

Cloud Computing’s demand is predominantly high these days as it offers availability of data storage and computing powers without the active user management. To lower the upfront IT infrastructure cost, cloud computing is generally taken into account. Cloud Computing offers flexibility and device and location independence and it also ensures cost reduction and the maintenence approach is easier. Service providers can access data that is in Cloud at any time so it is true that Cloud Computing poses some privacy concerns. If necessary, information can be shared with third parties by the service providers. The top three security threats in Cloud are Insecure Interfaces and APIs, Data Loss and Leakage, and Hardware Failure.

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