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AMP Text Editor for Linux Terminal

  • Last Updated : 12 Mar, 2021

Amp is a fully-featured and lightweight text editor inspired by the Vi/Vim text editor. Amp editor is a terminal-based editor, and it is written in the Rust language. It provides the all fundamental features required for a modern text editor.

Amp does not need any configuration it comes with all configuration, and it does not use any plugins. And it provides a terminal-based user interface. The UI of Amd well works on the terminal like the Alacritty and tmux.Amp also supports a modal, keyboard-driven interface inspired by Vim that makes navigating and editing text fast.

Features of Amp:

  • File Finder: Amp quickly indexes and finds using a simple, accurate matching algorithm. Amp ignores the git directory by default while finding files.
  • Easy movement: Amp provide the feature of moving through the file without repetitive keystrokes.
  • Symbol Jump: Easily jump to any class, struct, or method definition within the current buffer.
  • Flexible Keymaps: Simple YAML-based key mapping with the ability to create multiple build-in commands into new, custom macros.

Requirements to Install the AMP:

Rust programming language needs to be installed on the system. You can install it by the following the command:

curl -sSf | sh

Other dependencies like the libxcb, openssl, zlib, cmake, and python3 must be installed on the system.

To install these dependencies using the following commands:

For Debian based system like Ubuntu, Kali Linux Use following command:

sudo apt-get git libxcb1-dev libssl-dev zlib1g-dev cmake python3

For CentOS/RHEL Use the following command:

yum install git libxcb openssl-devel zlib-devel cmake python3  

For Fedora Use the following command:

dnf install git libxcb openssl-devel zlib-devel cmake python3

AMP a Vi/Vim Inspired Text Editor for Linux Terminal

Now dependencies are got installed let’s install the AMP text-editor.

Installation of AMP:

 To install the AMP text editor first clone the AMP source code from its GitHub repository. Use the following command to clone the source code

git clone

Now install the AMP editor using the following commands

cd amp
cargo install amp

AMP a Vi/Vim Inspired Text Editor for Linux Terminal

For Arch Linux, You can install AMP directly from the AUR repository.

git clone
cd amp
makepkg -isr

How to use the AMP Text Editor:

First, let’s see how to open the file and close the file. To open the file into AMP text editor use the amp followed by the file name.

amp filename.txt

Then your file will be opened in an amp text editor. Like follow:

AMP a Vi/Vim Inspired Text Editor for Linux Terminal

To quit from the AMP use the Shift+q key.

If the file of filename mentioned after the amp command does not exist then Amp creates the new file of that name.

Now let’s see how to write into the file. To write into a file, open the file in amp editor and press i key to go into insert mode then you will be able to insert the text into the file.

AMP a Vi/Vim Inspired Text Editor for Linux Terminal

To save the current file press the Esc key followed by the s key.

AMP a Vi/Vim Inspired Text Editor for Linux Terminal

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