American Express (On-Campus for Internship)

American Express came to our campus for internship hiring. They had a 6+ CGPA criteria and a PRE PLACEMENT TALK. CSE, ECE, EEE were eligible branches. Profile: Analyst (Semi Technical)

Round 1 :
Online Test. 50 MCQs including Java, C, C++, SQL, Aptitude, Logic Based, Verbal. 2 coding questions were also there. Multiple Sets. Approx. 30 were shorlisted.

Two Problems for me were implementation based Arrays, String coding questions. One easy, One medium with 30 mins in hand.
Round 2 :
1. Why Amex? Why analyst profile when you have such a technical profile ?
2. Any Previous PPOs ? Any data science related experience etc. ? Previous projects were asked in data science.
Then he asked me few Sql queries related to self-join and find Manager and employee in a given table.
Few basic C/c++ questions like What is dangling pointer, Post increment operator,
Static functions.
Then a programming question on Sieve.

Round 3 :
1. why do you want to work with us and what are your future perspective?
2. Where do you see 5 years ahead?
3. Which team would I prefer if given a chance.

You might have a brighter chance if you are in CSE.

Good luck preparing for amex 🙂

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