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American Express (on campus 6 month internship)

  • Last Updated : 10 Nov, 2018

Round 1: Technical and Aptitude Paper (basic aptitude question and technical java + 2 simple codes)

Round 2:  fully based on resume. From my projects to last line on CV. from technical words you use to each and every aspects of CSE in general. ( Must listen to presentation. Then read the basics of new technologies they use.)

Round 3:Purely technical: Mostly on Database management. Both structured and unstructured. MongoDB asked. question on feedback from last interviewer.

(I was out from process after this.)

4th round: (asked from friends) A pressure interview. They will grill you hard by keep on firing questions repeatedly. Kind of technical HR.

No offer Given, but a great experience to learn from.

Also, always ask a question at the end of interview, even not asked.




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