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American Express Interview Experience

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I get a lot of messages from students to share my experience about interviews.

I have around 1 year of work experience now in the industry and I want to share my experience with every student so that they can get something from my interview experience.

American Express came for 2 positions on our campus, the first one was Technology Intern and Programming Analyst Intern.

Round 1: Round 1 for Technology intern happened over Codility platform where we had 3 coding questions of medium level difficulty.

Questions were on the topic:

  1. Sliding window problem
  2. The string riddle problem that was basically string manipulation 
  3. The third question I don’t remember now.

Round 1 for Programmer Analyst had around 20 MCQ questions and 2 coding problems, 1 easy and 1 medium level.

Round 2: I got selected for the second round for the technology role. The interview was around my resume, technical discussions on my projects, and coding logic writing ability.

Round 3: The third round was purely a Data Structures and Algorithm round. 

  • The question was asked related to Tree Data Structures, DFS, BFS, inserting a node in a Binary Search Tree. 
  • For all the questions we had to write the working pseudo logic with passing the test cases as well.

Round 4: I cleared all the previous rounds and it was the last round for me, This round was with the Director at the company. 

  • The interview was more of a technical round. 
  • The questions were on topics like Binary Search, finding the pivot element in the array, etc were asked.
  • We have to write the code on paper. The discussions were in-depth on coding problems and solutions.

Result: I got selected for the internship I got a Pre-Placement Offer and currently working as Software Development Engineer.

The very important thing in the interview is communication. It’s not always important to write the correct code, but it’s important to let the person know on the other side know how you are reaching the particular solution. The thought process is very important in all the interviews and in any of the companies. 

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Last Updated : 24 Aug, 2021
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