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American Express Interview Experience | On-Campus ( Technical + EDA/CFR )

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American Express came to my college in the month of August 2020 for 2 Roles: Technical and EDA/CFR. They offered only an internship in the Technical role while they offered an internship or internship + full-time offer for EDA/CFR role. 

Shortlist: Anyone with a CGPA of 6+ was eligible for EDA/CFR while anyone with 7+ CGPA was eligible for the technical role. Both the roles had separate online tests, and you were allowed to give both if you qualified for both. Around 1500 students were shortlisted for the technical role and 1200 for EDA/CFR online tests. 

Round 1 (Online test):  

EDA/CFR: 2 coding questions were to be done in 30 minutes. After that, there were 60 MCQ questions that were to be done in 30 minutes. Out of the 60, 30 were from aptitude, 5 English, 5 C++, 5 Java, 5 SQL, and 10 were from DSA. There were sectional timings. The 2 codes were relatively easy (one array-based question and one greedy). The time is taken to solve the questions was also used while shortlisting for the second round. 

Technical: 3 Coding questions were asked and 90 minutes were given. One medium-level question was from graphs, one easy-medium question was solved using DP and the last was a medium-hard level question that could be solved using hash maps. The time taken to solve the questions was a big factor in shortlisting further candidates. I solved these questions in around 40 minutes. 

Round 2 (Interview: Tech+HR): 35 students were shortlisted for the EDA/CFR role and 18 students were shortlisted for the technical profile. 5 students were common in both lists, and I was one of them. All 5 of us were asked our preference, and we all chose EDA/CFR. All 5 of us were also told that in case we were not selected for further rounds in the EDA/CFR role, we would be allowed to sit for the technical interviews. 

My interview lasted for around 55-60 minutes. There were 2 interviewers. 

1) I was first asked to introduce myself. 
2) Then we had a long discussion about my internship (based on Deep Learning). 
3) Some in-depth questions on ML were asked. 
4) Then I was asked a puzzle with a slight modification that was similar to 
5) After this, I was asked 2 SQL questions based on removing duplicate elements and joins. 
6) Then I was asked some OOPS concepts 
7) 5-6 questions about Amex were asked 
8) One design question was asked regarding expanding business in a new geographical location and things to be considered for the same 
9) How do Credit card companies earn money? 

Round 3 (Interview: Tech+HR+Behavioral): 10 minutes after my interview ended, I was told that I was selected for the second round. 

This round was interviewed by one of the VP’s 

1) Each and every word from the resume was asked. 
2) Some basic HR questions 
3) A lot of behavioral questions 
4) Discussion about ML/DL and AI 
5) Discussion about voice assistants 
6) In the end, the interviewer asked if I wanted to ask anything and then the interview ended 

This round took about 50 minutes. 

Result: I did not have any further rounds. Some students had one more round which was purely HR-based. About 2-3 students were transferred to the technical role. 

They offered 7 technical internships and 6 internships in the EDA/CFR role. Only one internship + full-time role was offered (Lucky me 😉 )

Last Updated : 27 May, 2021
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