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American Express Interview Experience (On-Campus Internship)

Last Updated : 01 Jun, 2020
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Round 1: CV shortlist 

Round 2: Online Test 

Round 3: Interview (2 Rounds) 

Online Test :

We had two tests. One was technical and the other one was behavioral. Behavioral had normal psychometric type questions. For eg: In a particular situation what choice we would take, etc. In the technical test, there were 3 sections: Quantitative Aptitude(QA), Machine Learning(ML), and Business Analysis(BA). Out of these 3 sections, we had to attempt at least 2 and QA was mandatory to take. We could also attempt all the sections. The test was of 2 hours and a specific duration was given for each section. QA had questions from statistics, probability, and logical reasoning. ML had questions mainly from classification, regression, concepts of underfitting, and overfitting. In BA, only 1 question was given. A long passage was given along with some queries. The passage contained information that a company has 3 projects but it can put money only for 1. From the queries, we had to find what the project is about, how much money is required for each, etc. We could see only a limited number of queries and had to give our decision. Marks were given based on the sequence we are looking at the queries and not what decision was taken in the end. 


The 1st round was HR+technical and the 2nd round was only technical.  

Interview Round-1: In this round basically my knowledge about the company was tested. Questions like “how a credit card company makes money?”, “How will I be an asset for the company?” etc. were asked. Then the discussion was shifted to my projects. I preferably chose to tell about that project of mine which was somewhat related to the financial sector. Then the interviewer asked the drawbacks of my other projects and how can it be eliminated and some other questions related to Machine Learning like overfitting, underfitting, regularization, etc. The final question was “Generate random numbers without using python in-built functions.” 

Interview Round-2: The interviewer asked me to elaborate on the work I did in my previous internship, the approach I used and why I used it. Then he asked me how I confirmed the correctness of my results. In the end, he asked me 3 puzzles. The puzzles were very similar to the ones on

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