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American Express Interview Experience for Software Engineer

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  • Last Updated : 01 Apr, 2022
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Round 1 (Coding Test): Total 3 questions with time duration of 1 hr 30 minutes Questions were easy & medium level (Topics -: Map, Graph, Sets, String)

Tips: Practice on leetcode and make your DSA strong

Round 2 (Technical Interview 1): It started from a small intro and lead to some basics questions from C++ & Java programming languages.

Oops, concepts were also asked. After that, a coding problem was asked by the interviewer:

  • Implement stack or Queue using arrays

Round 3  (Technical Interview 2): It also started from a small intro and lead to a low-level design problem.

  •  Design the database for a school. Here, the Interviewer also asked questions giving different situations, while designing the database.

After that, a coding problem asked:

  •  Detect cycle in a linked list.

The interviewer then asked me to explain my projects. After the explanation, he asked some basics questions from projects and the working of the BFS Algorithms.

And then he asked some questions related to hashmaps ( How data store in maps? & How we avoid collisions? )

Round 4  (HR): It also starts with a small intro and leads with the experience in both the technical round. After that, she asks some situational-based questions from my internship & Projects. She also asked about my plans

After that, she asked me if I had any questions to ask & then the interview ended.


  • Use the star method to tackle situational-based questions. 
  • Try to interact more with the interviewer. 
  • Ask questions from the interviewer until it’s not clear to you.
  • Try to give the answer to the point and make sure your explanation will be more accurate.

All the best!!

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