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American Express Interview Experience for Software Engineer Internship + FTE | On-Campus

Last Updated : 20 Sep, 2021
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American Express visited our campus in August 2021 for the position of Software Engineer Trainee at the Gurgaon/Bangalore Location. There were one coding test and 3 interview rounds for selection in the company. The CGPA cutoff was 7.

Online Coding Test: Online test was conducted on Codility which comprised 3 coding questions that had to be solved in a duration of 1hr 30 min. The disadvantage of this platform is 80% of the test cases are hidden and are run in the background. So you can see your code running on only 2-3 test cases and it is very difficult to figure out whether the program is correct or not.

Tip: Try to solve at least 2 coding questions correctly.

After the first round, approx 30 students including me were shortlisted for the next round which was an interview round.

Technical Interview Round 1: This round was a technical interview round. The interviewer asked me to give a brief introduction about myself. I started my introduction by telling most of the things that were written on my Resume. Then he asked me the following questions:

  • Explain your project, technologies you used in your project, your role in your project.
  • Difference between C and C++.
  • What is polymorphism?
  • Explain constructor with its types.
  • Explain all the features of oops. (tip: try to explain them with examples.)
  • function overloading vs overriding?
  • what is a destructor? can we overload it?
  • What is inheritance and what are the types of inheritance?
  • difference between class and object?
  • Difference between structure and class?
  • why Amex?

Tips: If you have done any internship or certification course then prepare the question from that too. Be thorough with all the core computer science subjects because the interviewer may test your knowledge in any of the subjects.

Technical Interview Round 2: He started with Tell me something about yourself. Then again he asked me about my project with all the details about it. 

  • Primary key & foreign Key Concept.
  • Explain ACID properties.
  • Explain the locking system in dbms.
  • What is polymorphism and why do we use inheritance?
  • How to handle exceptions in c++?
  • Explain access specifiers?
  • Explain the types of trees.
  • He asked me to write a program to swap 2 variables without using a third variable.
  • He asked me to write a program in python to show my skills in python.
  • he asked me about operators in python.
  • He showed me some java output questions which were tricky.
  • why we use www root directory.
  • He asked me some more computer networks and SQL questions.

HR Round 3: This round was totally HR round and he asked me about the company then he makes me understand about company business then started with his question :

  • How your day is going? how was your experience
  • He asked me situation-based questions like how you cop up with failure and if some disputes happened how you reacted to it.
  • Also asked about a decision in my life which I regret later and many more such question this round took more than 30 mins.

In the end, 9 were selected for Full Time including me.

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