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American Express Interview Experience for EDA/CFR Role – On Campus Placement 2020

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American Express recently visited to Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore for campus placements offering Internship+Full Time offers for EDA/CFR role. The recruitment process of American Express consisted of 3-4 rounds depending on your profile one has applied for. 

There was a CGPA cutoff of 8.0 .

First Round: It was an online round consisting of 2 sections. One was a coding section having 2 questions which needs to be solved in 30 minutes. The questions were very small and easy and can be solved without much effort. The another section consisted of 60 MCQs which needed to be solved in 45 minutes. The MCQs were easy but there was a negative marking of -0.25 and also the time and speed factor were also there.  Nearly 1200 students sat for the test and 32 were shortlisted for the next round and I was one amongst them.

Second Round: It was a Technical + HR Round where the technical part went for about 45 minutes and the last 15 minutes was the HR part.

The Technical part consisted of 2 coding questions which were fairly easy :

  1. Code the Armstrong Number the logic. Article link. Problem link.
  2. Code the logic for 2 equal Arrays- In this he asked me that what do I understand by equal Arrays. I told him certain scenarios, and he asked me code one of them. Article link. Problem link.

Then he asked me 3 SQL Questions which included 2 questions on Joins. I would suggest everyone to know the types of joins . Then there were 2 puzzle questions which tested your IQ. 

In the HR part of this round he asked me what do you know about AMEX and the role you have applied for. Then he asked me about working of credit cards since AMEX is a credit card company. 

After this I was called for the next round.

Third Round: This round was more of an HR Round. In the technical part I was asked to explain one project in which I had most fun doing it. Then she asked me how will I go about a project launch at the company and what will be my work flow. Then I was asked why only AMEX and did I have any questions for her. To this I asked her what all is there in tech stack of AMEX.

Then the HR head told us that they will be declaring the results at the end of the day.

RESULT- Selected 🙂 !!


  • Remain calm and confident while answering them.
  • Having a positive attitude while talking to them has great impact on your interview.
  • Practice lots of questions from GeeksforGeeks and surely enroll in the Self Paced DSA course to clear all your concepts of DSA.
Last Updated : 10 Jan, 2023
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