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Amdocs Off Campus Interview | Set 13 (Off-Campus)

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DATE 25/07/2019,                  TIME 10:00 AM

I cleared Online Written round of Amdocs Off-Campus which consist of 47 questions-

10 questions from Unix,

10 questions from SQL,

10 questions from aptitude,

10 questions from Logical Reasoning,

6questions from English passage,

1Programming Problem-Finding Loop In Linked List,

There were nearly 40 students. The process started at 11 AM first all candidates check in to the venue and after 1 hr I was called for an Interview. as before me, 4 candidates were already done with their technical round in which the only one was selected for next round.

My Interview in details:-

In my interview panel, there was only one interviewer and he asked me to introduce myself told with elegance.

after this question, she started questioning about my curriculum activities.

deep Discussion in Major Project which I did in my last year.

then she asked me to write 5 SQL query ranging from Low to High difficulties.

and several questions on Unix questions were basic and easy.

after that, she asked me about the frameworks which I had in my resume.

after that one more interviewer joined. (I was not aware that he is MR interviewer.)


after waiting  45min, HR ROUND  started and that HR ROUND  was the most difficult part for me as I don’t have good communication skills but that was a basic hr interview where he just asked me to introduce my self basic questions like relocation and policies of Amdocs.

Conclusion –

try to answer all question try to put a good smile on faces and be genuine with resume. Dress properly. try to find all the facts about Amdocs before going to interview.

Results- out of 40 only 6  were selected.

Last Updated : 29 Jun, 2019
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