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Amdocs Interview Experience

  • Last Updated : 19 Oct, 2020

Round 1: I applied for a Software Developer post. First round was the general aptitude round with technical mcq questions and two simple coding questions. One was to find cycle in a link list and second was to find second max in array.

Round 2: This was the technical round held in Gurgaon location. It lasted for about 52 minutes. Major focus was on java, oops concept, little bit of databases and networking question. They also ask about the project done in our college. How the Hashmap works, Abstraction, Difference between Abstract and Interface. About java 8 new features and about inheritance concept, Different ways to create an object.

Round 3: This was an HR round. you are not going to face any difficulty in this round as HR was was quite frank and it was a general conversation.

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