Amdocs Interview Experience | On-Campus 2020

Amdocs visited our campus in January 2020 for the post of Software Engineer Associate.

Round 1: Online Test

It was an online test of 2 hours duration on Lugo platform. The test consisted of 52 question, the last one being a coding question. The topics were :-

  1. SQL (intermediate level questions from basics, nested queries, joins)
  2. Unix commands (intermediate to hard level questions, you must have some experience of shell scripting to score well in these questions)
  3. C/C++/Java code snippets (questions on pointers, storage classes, strings, etc.)
  4. English (questions based on a given passage)
  5. Logical Reasoning (pattern completion, missing number, coding decoding questions)
  6. Aptitude (basic math questions on speed distance time, percentage, profit & loss, mensuration)

The coding question was either of the two :-

  1.  Check if the given number is same as its reverse.
  2.  Detect a cycle in a linked list.

300 students appeared for the test, out of which 74 qualified for the next round.

Round 2: F2F Technical Interview

The interview started with the generic “Tell me something about yourself”, and then proceeded towards technical subjects.

  • Brief me about the OOP Concepts.
  • What is polymorphism? Write a code to demonstrate.
  • Write a method to validate a phone number.
  • What is regex?
  • SQL query to get distinct values
  • SQL query to find 2nd highest value from a column.
  • Unix command to make a new folder
  • Can you create 5 consecutive folders into folders using a Unix command? How?
  • OSI Networking Model
  • Describe the function of each layer.
  • What is a protocol?
  • What is HTTP? IP addressing?
  • What is software testing?
  • SDLC? ISO?
  • How would you work on a railway ticket booking system, starting to end, in accordance with the SDLC? What features/components would you test and how?

Round 3: HR Interview

  • Tell me about your family background.
  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Biggest achievement
  • Do you have any offer in hand?
  • Location preference

Out of 74, a total of 32 students made it through the final round. By the end of the day we were handed over the Offer Letters.

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