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I applied for the role of Java Developer on the Amdocs Website. It required a relevant working experience of 2-5 years. I had an experience of working as a Software Engineer for 3 years. After about a week of applying, I received an email with the test link. The link was valid for 24 hours from the time the email was received.

Round 1:

Online Test (120 minutes)

The time limit for the test was 120 minutes. To appear for the test, the user should have a properly working webcam, which is in use until you finish and submit the test. The test consisted questions from the following modules

1) Quantitative and Logical reasoning
2) English and comprehension
3) Technical (C, C++, Unix, Java, SQL)
4) Coding a Program in Java (Program to Merge two arrays and sort them)

After clearing the online test, I got a call and an email for the next round, the technical interview was to be conducted in Magarpatta, Pune.

Round 2:

Technical Interview (45 mins to 1 hour)

In the technical round they asked questions from various subjects all of which were mentioned in my resume (Java, C++, C, SQL, Unix etc). They asked to write the codes or sometimes just the logic for various scenarios. I have jotted down some questions that I roughly remember.

1.Tell me about your current project and what technologies you work on
2.Asked me about some Unix commands
3. Write a Program to reverse String in Java
4. Difference between overloading and overriding
5. What do you know about pointers
6. What is a cursor and what are its types
7. What is an Abstract class and give an example.
8. Program to show an example of multiple inheritance
9. What is Polymorphism
10. Explain merge sort with an example
11. Tell me about Malloc, Calloc and Realloc, why they are used, can you write their syntax.
12. Difference between structure and union
13. Difference between drop, truncate and delete. With their syntax.
14. Aggregate functions in SQL
15. What do you understand by normalisation
16. Joins in SQL and some complex queries

Round 3:

HR Interview (15-20 min)

1. Tell me about yourself
2. Reason for leaving the current company
3. Why did you choose Amdocs?
4. What is your Notice Period and whether it is negotiable

Lastly he asked me if I had any questions for him.

I would say the difficulty level of the interview was between average to difficult. The interview experience was overall good for me.

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