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Amdocs Interview Experience for System Analyst

  • Last Updated : 14 Oct, 2020

AMDOCS visited our campus Cummins College of Engineering for Women, Pune for Full time hiring for 2 roles System Analyst and Software Developer. 

Eligibility: 7 and above with no active backlogs and it was  open for COMP/IT/ENTC branches
The role you are shortlisted for depends on which sections of the test you attempted well. 

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Online Tes: The test was conducted on Hirepro platform and was proctored. There are Verbal, Aptitude, PL/SQL, and UNIX command sections along with it there is a code snippets section where you select the language from C++ and Java and attempt the code snippets.

There is no sectional cut-off but there was sectional timer allotted for each section. The difficulty level of the verbal and aptitude was easy while that of PL/SQL and UNIX commands and code snippets was moderate. The test was about 1.5 hrs long.
250+ students appeared for the test out of which 60 were shortlisted for the next round.

Behavioral test: Those who cleared the MCQs test were sent links for the behavioral round in which there were situational questions. Basically, they want to check your views on different situations. This round was about 15 minutes long. There was no elimination after this round. All the 60 students appeared for the interviews. You will get your results for which role you have been shortlisted after this round accordingly your further processes will be conducted.

Round 1(Technical Interview): This round was also conducted on the Hirepro platform and began with introducing myself and later the interviewer gave his short introduction. The interviewer has well experienced IT professional having 5+ years of experience in the industry. He made me quite comfortable and asked my favorite coding language. I was confident in Java, so I told him Java.

NOTE: If you are willing to apply for a system analyst role at Amdocs you need to have very deep knowledge about C++/Java there is no 3rd option given to you. They don’t want Python or C as they are very clear that they work in Java/C++ and they are looking for coders in these languages only. The interview progressed he asked me the following questions-

  1. What are the important OOP concepts?
  2. What are the classes and objects?
  3. How are objects created and where are they stored?
  4. Which version of java have you used?
  5. He asked me the difference between JDK 1.7 and JDK 1.8 as in the previous question, I answered JDK 1.8. I couldn’t answer this question correctly, so he explained to me the exact difference between them.
  6. What are abstraction and Encapsulation?
  7. What is method overloading and overriding?
  8. What is inheritance?
  9. What are abstract classes and interfaces?
  10. He asked me the difference between JRE, JDK, and JVM?
  11. He asked me to suppose I am an ordinary man I have no knowledge about software and I want to run a Java application on my computer. What do you think I need JRE or the whole JDK installed. He gave me hints as well.
  12. What is lambda in java?
  13. He asked me what are constructors and what value does a constructor return?
  14. Next, we asked me do you know what is are Array List and whether I could code its syntax. I coded the syntax on the platform and it worked.
  15. Next, he asked me questions related to Hashset, Hashmaps, and collections in java. He asked me what exactly do Hashset does? why do we need them? I was not able to give him on point answer for this, so he asked me whether I was confident in Collections and when I said No there were no further questions on them.
  16. Later he asked me a code where it should print 0 when 1 is entered and vice versa but the constraint was you cannot use any conditional statements any switch case and neither functions. I tried to code I explained to him 2 or 3 logics he later gave me hints for his approach and I could understand that, and he told me just to explain the algorithm in the end.

TIP: If you are not confident about something you directly say no because as you give any answer the interviewer will always be ready to backfire you with questions How and Why? He pointed out by this point so make sure you are showing them a willingness to learn and ready to accept that you don’t know something.

Later another interviewer joined the meet the previous interviewer had informed me about him when he entered he introduced himself. The previous interviewer told him that he was done with technical questions on java, and he just wanted to ask a few questions on SQL and DBMS. 

The other interviewer asked me to rate myself for SQL. Though I was confident I didn’t want to sound overconfident and rated myself 2/5.

  1. He started with a basic question. What is the difference between deleting and truncate?
  2. He asked me which databases I know.
  3. Joins in SQL.
  4. What is the view level? I gave this answer in-depth he was quite satisfied.
  5. What are DDL and DML?
  6. He asked me whether I could write queries. I confidently replied yes so he asked me to write a query to select all the people from the database who were eligible for voting I wrote the code and he was satisfied.

Later they jumped to the behavioral questions.

Behavioral questions started with what are you confident or overconfident? I honestly answered him that during the interview when I couldn’t answer a few questions I became under-confident but now I am feeling quite confident. He was happy to hear that. Did he ask me the biggest failure in life? Biggest achievements. How long I wanted to be with Amdocs? What if Google gave me an offer letter would I leave Amdocs? He later told me you haven’t worked with UNIX, suppose you are assigned that team how will you work there? Post this he also asked me a few UNIX commands I read it before the interview and named a few of them he was satisfied. He also asked me that if he gave me only one UNIX command and an hour and returned to me will I be able to answer everything about the command. I just smiled and confidently said yes. 

This interview lasted for an hour and 5 minutes. 

TIP: Keep the conversation interactive, keep smiling, and answer each question confidently.

When the technical interviews were on simultaneously there were HR interviews going in the backend. They approximately shortlisted 20 students for the HR interview.

HR Interview- I received mail for the HR interview after 1.5 hrs of my technical interview to keep an approximate window for the same. This was quite chill round. HR was very kind and she made it quite comfortable. Basic HR questions like the family background, achievements, and comfort with the location were asked. She was very interactive with me she curiously listened to me, interacted with me, and shared her experience. Overall very chill round but make sure you have heard the pre-placement talk carefully because why this company is a very important question. I had researched the work culture and their events held every year and I mentioned it due to which she was tremendously impressed.

The final verdict was announced the next day! They selected 8 girls for the software developer role and 9 for the System Analyst Role. I was one of them

FINAL TIP- When you say you know a language make sure that all the aspects are covered and prepare in such a way that you have an answer ready why and how for every Question

Thankyou GeeksforGeeks for such amazing placement material which made my placement process smooth and cherishing!!

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