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Amdocs Interview Experience for Software Developer (Java)

  • Last Updated : 03 Jun, 2021

Hi people, I was interviewed for Amdocs using virtual interviews. There were 3 rounds–

Online Assessment: The test link was sent by email. It was lugoTest platform and the test was 120 mins. The questions included SQL, Java, Linux commands, and 1 programming question(How to merge 2 arrays and sort them).

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Technical Interview: After 2days I received an invitation for a technical interview. It was 60 mins. There were 2 interviewers for Java and SQL.

Java: final keyword and static keyword, overriding and overloading, OOPS concept, types of set.

  1. Program to find 2nd largest element in an array.
  2. Override equals() and hashCode() of Object class.

SQL: Scenario-based questions and query for joining 3 tables using inner join and self join

They cross-question in order to check if you are really confident. Make sure you are good at the skills mentioned in your resume. 

HR Interview: The next day I was invited to the HR round. The questions asked include — Introduction, Why am I looking for a switch, Why Amdocs, and basic HR questions.

After salary negotiation, it took 1 week for the offer letter. But I suggest you wait atleast 2 weeks and in case of no communication till then, you can contact HR.

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