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Amdocs Interview Experience for SDE (On-Campus)

  • Last Updated : 13 Nov, 2020

Amdocs visited our campus in the first week of October for the role of Software Developer and System Analyst. The online coding round was conducted on 30th September and PI on 4th October and the result was declared on 7th October.

ROUND 1 (Online Aptitude): This round had 5 sections.

  1. Quantitative
  2. Verbal Reasoning
  3. Objectives on PL/SQL and Unix
  4. Coding and SQL: This section had 4 questions. 
    • Based on arrays, simple array manipulation. (Very Easy) (choice between C/C++/Java)
    • A variation of subset sum problem (Hard) – DP soln passed all test cases.
    • Based SQL query using order by, Limit. (Easy)
    • Based SQL query using joins, Order by, group by, Limit, sum, average. (Easy)
  5. Technical objectives:

    The choice between C/C++/java to solve the MCQs mainly based on OOPs concepts.

We were informed about the result the next day and had to undergo a psychometric test :

ROUND 2 (Psychometric Test):  This was a 15 mins test that had 50 objective type questions. This was not a pass or fail test, this round was taken just to check your decisions in different situations.

We had PPT at 10:30 am on 4th October and my interview was scheduled at 11:30 am on the HirePro platform. Questions were asked from PPT in the HR round.

ROUND 3(Technical Interview): This round lasted for about  1hr 15mins. The first and very obvious question was to INTRODUCE YOURSELF! I was well versed with C++ and the interviewer was ok with either of C++/Java.

The panel consisted of 2 members and one of them was asking questions and the other one was observing me.

I explained my projects. I had done three projects on Deep Learning, so I explained to him all the three projects in a summarised form and then had to deep-dive in one of the projects’ whichever I chose.

I explained to him one of the recent projects by giving a code walkthrough of my complete project on Google Colab.

He asked me four coding questions : (First Proper Explanation and then had to code in the online compiler of HirePro Platform)

  1. Detect and remove loop in a Linked List. I explained to him all the approaches starting from brute force to the most optimised one for detection of the loop and then removal of the loop in a linked list and the follow-up question was why this method – Floyd Cycle Detection always works.
  2. Swap two variables without using another variable-Simple Cakewalk (Hint: Use XOR).
  3. Height Of Binary Tree: Started with recursive and finally optimised it to DP.
  4. One Diamond pattern printing problem.

The other member from the panel asked a puzzle which was quite hard, but they were very much friendly and helped me to arrive at the solution, we had laughs and the interview atmosphere shifted to a conversation with a friend.

I was asked to rate myself in LINUX, and then they asked questions on LINUX about various commands, and then I was asked to write commands to a specific set of questions. One of the questions involved using piping concepts of LINUX.

They then told me to ask any questions which I might have, to which I asked two questions and after getting the answer I greeted them, and then they hung up the call.

At around 2:40 pm I was informed about my HR round scheduled at 3:10 pm.

ROUND 4 (HR Interview): Lasted for about 25mins.

  1. Introduce yourself.
  2. Family background.
  3. Why do you want to join Amdocs?
  4. Your strength and weaknesses.
  5. Your achievements.
  6. Questions from PPT.
  7. Do you have any plans for higher studies?
  8. Have you interviewed any other company before?
  9. Anything which you would like to improve and how are you planning to improve it?

Any questions that I would like to ask her?

The result came out on 7th October, and I was selected for the role of SDE at Amdocs.

VERDICT: Selected

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