Amdocs Interview Experience for Associate Software Engineer | Pool Campus at NIT Silchar | NIT Agartala | August 2019

Round 1:

It was an online round from home with web cam. 2 Hrs Duration and One Simple Coding question along with question from OS, DBMS, Networking, Linux Command etc. Aptitude questions and English paragraph was also there in the exam.

Coding Question:-

Check if a Linked list contains a Loop.

Round 2:(Technical Round)

Duration:-45 Min

Interviewer was Friendly. He Started with My project and asked some questions on modifying my projects.

Then he Asked me around 5 simple coding questions as follows:-

  • Check if a string is palindrome string without using library function.
  • Input a number n and print Fizz if it is divisible by 3 and Print Buzz  if it is divisible by 5 and Print FizzBuzz if it is divisible by 15.
  • An array contains numbers like the numbers are increasing upto a index then it is decreasing, you dont know that special index. Search a number in O(n) time with minimum JDK Operation.
  • Design an Object Oriented Programming Structure for different festival sales like Diwali, Eid, Holi where each festival has different discount % for different priced program.
  • There is an array  of numbers. Print the first 3 numbers as it is and then swap next two numbers and print and again next 3 numbers as it is and so on.

You have to write the code for all.

Then he asked some queries on MySql as follows:-

  • Find out the Number of records in a table and a follow up question like what will happen if I give COUNT(0) inplace of COUNT(*) in that query.
  • Find the number of duplicate records in a table.
  • Find the Second Highest salary of an employee from an employee table.

Then he asked some Question on Object Oriented Programming(OOP) as follows:-

  • What are all the properties of OOP? Explain them.
  • What happens when we override a constructor.
  • Late Binding and Early Binding.
  • What is virtual function?
  • Write code for implementing abstract class.

Then He asked me a Puzzle like What is the maximum run can be scored by a Batsman in a 50 Over Match provided no extra are scored.

Then the round concludes and I was asked to wait. 30 Min Later result came and I got selected for HR Round.

Round 3:(HR Round)

Duration:-20 Min

It was a typical HR Round. He asked about me and my family background and then he asked about if I have applied or placed in any other company. Little Discussion about life at Amdocs. Then he asked about Location Constariant. What are my Achivements? A Little talk about Projects I have done and my hobbies.

Then He asked If I had any Question. I asked Some Questions and the round was concluded.

After 2 Hr Final Result came 7 Students from NIT Agartala were Placed including 5 from BTech CSE and 1 from MTech CSE and 1 From MCA. And I was One of them.

The interview Experience of geeksforgeeks were very very helpful.

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