Amdocs Interview Experience | Applied through website

I applied to amdocs on the website. Then i get the test link on my email id.


First round was Online Exam which is consist of aptitude and automata section(Technical). It was AMCAT test.

In Aptitude the questions was easy based on topics like:

  1. Trains
  2. Average
  3. profit loss
  4. ratio propotion
  5. percentage

Logical questions was based on:

  1. Blood relation
  2. Direction

Round 2: Technical Interview

After Clearing the test, I get the call from Amdocs for the interview.

2nd Round was technical Round. They Asked questions from various subjects

  1. Java
  2. C
  3. C++
  4. Data Structure
  5. SQL
  6. UNIX

They told to write the codes for various scenarios, easiest i remember are binary search, factorial. Also proper OOP concepts are important to be known. Also the basic concepts of each programming languages are important.

for SQL they asked in depth, from basic to complex queries.

For Unix some commands they asked.

Round 3: Technical Interview

It was managerial Interview, they asked me from my resume, Final year Project.

Asked on SQL and UNIX and Java only.

Manager was impressed as i had mentioned in resume that, more than 8 programming languages in which i am perfect.

After These 3 rounds, I get Call from HR department for Final Round.

Round 4: HR Interview

It was just formality. Basic questions asked like hobbies, why amdocs?, strengths, etc.

And Finally i get selected in Amdocs on 7th June 2018.

I get Offer Letter on the Next Day!!!!! 🙂


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