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Amazon’s most frequently asked interview questions | Set 2

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 07 Jul, 2021

Amazon’s Most Frequently Asked Questions | Set 1 

Level – Easy 

Become a success story instead of just reading about them. Prepare for coding interviews at Amazon and other top product-based companies with our Amazon Test Series. Includes topic-wise practice questions on all important DSA topics along with 10 practice contests of 2 hours each. Designed by industry experts that will surely help you practice and sharpen your programming skills. Wait no more, start your preparation today!

  1. Get minimum element from stack – Practice here
  2. Serialize and deserialize a binary tree – Practice here
  3. Print a binary tree in a vertical order – Practice here
  4. Celebrity problem – Practice here
  5. Level order traversal
  6. Swap the kth element from starting and from the end position – Practice here
  7. Binary tree to bst – Practice here
  8. Max sum in the configuration – Practice here
  9. Find the nth element of spiral matrix – Practice here
  10. Count the number of occurrences in a sorted array
  11. Find the smallest window in a string containing all characters of another string
  12. Find the maximum of all subarrays of size k
  13. Find the kth smallest element in row wise and column wise sorted matrix
  14. Minimum swaps required to arrange pairs
  15. There is an array of N numbers ranging from 1 to N. Only 1 number is missing, return the index of that number
  16. Find the second largest and second smallest in a given array in single traversal.
  17. Find power(x,y) without using pow function.(divide and conquer approach required)
  18. Count possible decoding sequence

Level – Medium 

  1. Given two string print them inter leaving strings characters
  2. Minimum cost required to travel from top left to the bottom right in a matrix
  3. Maximum difference between node and its ancestors – Practice here
  4. Min distance between two given nodes of a binary tree – Practice here
  5. Find the number of island – Practice here
  6. Topological Sort – Practice here
  7. Detect cycle in a directed graph – Practice here
  8. Flattening a link list – Practice here
  9. Detect a loop in a linked list – Practice here
  10. Check if a binary tree is BST or not
  11. Min Cost path
  12. Count ways to reach nth stair
  13. Maximum Subarray Problem
  14. Palindrome Partitioning
  15. Given a binary tree find the minimum root to leaf height.
  16. Implement LRU cache

Level – Hard 

  1. Boolean paranthesis – Practice here
  2. Maximum Index – Practice here
  3. Largest Number formed in the array – Practice here
  4. Find the length of maximum numbers of consecutive numbers jumped up in an array
  5. Delete the elements in a linklist whose sum is equal to zero
  6. Given a list of numbers of odd length design an algorithm to remove a number and divide the rest numbers equaly so as it makes there sum same
  7. Find diameter of a binary tree

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