Amazon(Barcelona) Interview Experience for SDE | Off-Campus Internship

Just completed Amazon’s online assessment that was given 5 days in advance to prepare for.

It consists of 3 rounds:

Round 1:  Code debugging (20 min). In this round 7 questions were given either in c, c++ or java.The questions were very easy and anyone who is having programming experience can clear it with ease. No Data Structures and algorithm knowledge is required to clear this round. In every question only logical errors were their which you have to see and correct it and then compile/run the code.I got all 7 questions and cleared this round.

Round 2: Coding round(70 mins). In this round, 2 programming questions were one was regarding hashing and the other one was a typical graph question.They asked to code a question in c, c++, python3 or java.In the graph question, they asked me to find total number of bridges from graph.In that question i used bridge finding algorithm but due to less time i was able to complete only one programming question.But, Still i cleared the round.For this to get clear you should have good knowledge of data structures and algorithms.Link for graph question is But at last, I cleared this round.

Round 3: The interesting part comes in this round.In this round 4 hour online simulation test was their. This test will test you that how you will react when some situation arises while you are working as a SDE at amazon. For example, you have contributed some code in amazon relay website and out of 3 senior engineers, 2 senior engineers are happy and appreciate your code and give some feedback to improve your code, But one senior engineer finds that your code design is wrong or inappropriate for this project. So whether you will convince him with your idea or you will follow your senior advice or you will keep meeting with all three senior engineers and then decide it.Also in this 4 hour online simulation test, some cases were given along with some data and you have to choose whether algorithm 1 is appropriate or algorithm 2 is appropriate for this situation. After this, a 35 min logical ability test was their which just tests your logical ability(multiple choice questions) and not your technical skills. But i failed to clear this round due to some wrong answers given in online simulation test.

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