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Amazon WoW Interview Experience

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Technical Interview Round-1


I was able to code both the problems after some hints from the interviewer. Don’t hesitate in asking for hints if you got stuck.

Technical Interview Round-2

  2. Given 2 types of operations:
    1. C1 C2 Connect: connect 2 cities
    2. C1 C2 isConnected: check if 2 cities are connected or not and return True or False accordingly
    3. Sample Input
      • 1 2 Connect
      • 3 4 Connect
      • 1 2 isConnected
      • 3 5 isConnected

I was able to code 1st question and in 2nd question, we had a good discussion on approach(ran out of time for code).

Tips: Make a strong grip on Data Structures and Algorithms. Give your interview just like a discussion with interviewer. Time Management is necessary.


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Last Updated : 03 Feb, 2022
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