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Amazon Web Services(AWS) Interview Experience (On-Campus)

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AWS hiring process has 5 rounds.

First Round:
First round is online test, which has four sections.section-1 has quantitative aptitude, logical reasoning questions.sections-2 has technical questions related to c, c++, java, dbms, os and networks.section-3 has 2 coding questions.section-4 has technical questions related to bigdata, cloud computing and data science.time given is 2 hours.They shortlisted 41 students out of 450.

Second Round:
Technical round:asked general questions about networking, os and troubleshooting.
1.What are the advantages of having virtual memory?
2.How to trouble shoot windows system which has booting problems?
3.gave one simple code to implement and some general questions
16 students shortlisted for the next round.

Third Round:
Technical round:asked all networking questions.
1.What are the softwares you have used?
2.How to prevent SYN DDoS attack?
3.How to indentify fake IPs?
4.What is the difference b/w private IP and Public IP?
5.questions related OSI and TCP layers
6.Port numbers of different protocols
7.What happens when you type on your browser?
8.questions related to DNS
to clear this round you have to be master in networking.
12 students shortlisted for the next round.

Fourth Round:
Managerial Round

Fifth Round:
HR Round

They selected five members for FTE+Internship

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Last Updated : 27 Aug, 2018
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