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Amazon Web Services – Working with Third Party Data in Redshift

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Amazon Redshift is a data warehouse product that forms a large part of the cloud-computing platform Amazon Web Services. In this article, we will look into the process of quickly moving data from AWS Data Exchange in Amazon S3 into a Warehouse.


Follow the below steps to move data from Amazon S3 to An amazon warehouse using Redshift:

Step 1: So the first task that we need to conduct is to create a table within an art warehouse. And this table’s going to store financial information about Amazon stock price, and we’ll quickly run that query.

Once we have the table available on the left-hand side, we’ll be able to move to our second query. 

Step 2:  In using the second query, we’re going to copy the Amazon data in this format from a particular Amazon S3 bucket, using a particular IAM role, which has access to both my S3 bucket and our cluster.


FROM 's3://<YOUR S3 URL>
IAM_ROLE 'arn:aws:iam::<YOUR IAM>:role/'

Once we click to run that will execute the SQL command loading the table from the S3 bucket into the Redshift cluster. 

Step 3: And to just demonstrate that it’s been successful, we’ll quickly select all the records to grow, a thousand records from the Amazon table and those will be presented to us at the bottom of the screen. 


select * from amzn limit 1000;


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Last Updated : 28 Mar, 2023
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