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Amazon VPC – Launching an EC2 Instance into a VPC

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This article will cover all the aspects of Launching an EC2 Instance into a VPC. As we are already aware of the basic process of launching an EC2 instance on AWS, launching it into VPC is almost the same. Every EC2 instance launched on AWS is by default launched inside the default VPC of that particular user. To know more about the basic protocol for launching an EC2 follow the linked article. 

We know the process of launching an EC2 instance via the management console. 

Now, let us look at the process of launching an EC2 instance into another VPC rather than launching it in the default one.

Start by the same process of creating a new EC2 instance, and if there is any confusion while doing that refer to this article.

Follow the steps until STEP 3 “Configure Instance Details” occurs. Before proceeding to the next step either select “Create a new VPC” or from the list of existing VPCs, select the VPC for your new EC2 instance. Please refer to the image attached ahead for a better understanding of the concepts.

Once you are redirected to the next window. Simply change all other configurations as per your requirement and launch the EC2 instance.

And if you choose “Create a new VPC”, after getting redirected. Create a new VPC with all your desired configurations. And follow a similar process while launching the EC2 instance. 

The process of creating a VPC is discussed ahead.

Step1: From the AWS management console, select VPC. Refer to the attached screenshot.

Step 2: After getting directed, click on “Start VPC”. Like this

Step 3: Now, you will be given multiple options to choose from in the navigation pane. From them select the “VPC with a single subnet” option to go with. And finally, click select.

Step 4: After this, complete the final step. From the next window, cross-check all the details of the subnet and give a name to your VPC. And finally, click on create VPC.

In a while, your new VPC will be successfully created. You can verify it by tapping on “Your VPC” in the VPC dashboard.

In this way, you can simply create a VPC and launch instances in it. If you are also a free tier account holder, make sure you delete all the instances before logging out of your AWS account. This will help you in reducing the bill amount.

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Last Updated : 27 Mar, 2023
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