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Amazon summer internship (Hospitality, Work, Learning and Perks)

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  • Last Updated : 18 Jan, 2022
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I joined Amazon, Bangalore in India on 24th May 2017 for 2 months Summer Internship. 
There are three Amazon offices in Bangalore separated by few kms 

All the travels and accommodation facilities were taken care of by Amazon. 
We had the option to choose our flights and they booked it along with cab service from the airport to the hotel. So my journey started from Ranchi to Bangalore with a lot of expectations. Out of the 9 selected Amazon Interns from our college- NIT Jamshedpur, we were 4 friends traveling from Ranchi to join Amazon in Bangalore as Interns. The journey was a pretty decent one. We reached Bangalore in around 2:30 hrs. 

They had booked a separate cab for everyone from the airport to the hotel. I stayed in a 5-star hotel for the first 15 days which was booked by Amazon. Every new employee/intern was allotted a single room. Among the many overwhelming facilities during the stay at the hotel included an awesome breakfast and cab service to/from the office. 
After 15 days we were required to move out on our own. So I stayed in a nearby PG for the rest of the days. They returned the amount spent up to 7k for this relocation. 
They also provided Sodexo coupons each month which was enough for one-time meal daily at the Amazon canteen. The office was great and well maintained. They had a very good security system. 

So my team was Shipment Data Platform. 
The first day was all about the orientation programme, Bootcamp session and an informal meeting with the manager, mentor, and my teammates. We were 8 members in the team. We were provided with some Amazon goodies and T-shirts during the orientation. We were also given a Mac to work on. From the second day, I started watching some courses about the Amazon Systems (how things work there, what guidelines are followed, etc.). The courses were very interesting and interactive. Every course was followed by some set of quizzes at the end. 
I spent my first week at Amazon attending Boot Camp session and setup of my desktop. We had sprint plans to discuss and plan our works every 3–4 weeks. So my first sprint was planned by my mentor as I was not having any idea about my project then. 
The working hours were pretty relaxed. 
It was around 8 office hours daily including 6 hrs of work. The remaining two hours were for meetings and other purposes. Working days were – Monday to Friday. 
There was not any hard and fast in/out time. You can come anytime and leave anytime. All that was required was 6 hours of work daily. We were also allowed to take occasional work from home if required. One of my teammates was staying at Hyderabad and he joined the meetings over the voice meetings we had on Amazon Chime. Occasionally, some were also sent to Seattle in the US for the work. 
I did my project well before the deadline and was able to take up some other tasks as well during a couple of my ending weeks there. In the end, we were required to give a presentation in front of many teams and also submit our Intern Performance Review document. 

Now Coming to the key learnings, by working at Amazon, I learnt a lot. Before this, I knew how to write codes but after working at Amazon, I learnt how to write meaningful codes for a software company. Well, Amazon is one of the “Big Fours”. I got to know about how it manages scale. I mean I got to know how it works at such a large scale spanning different countries and regions worldwide. I learnt new Technologies like Spring, Mockito and DynamoDB. I got to know how the code structure generally looks like at a company and how it is managed at Amazon. 

I have got the Pre-Placement Offer from Amazon and will be joining as a full-time employee this year. This is me in the blue t-shirt with some of my teammates and manager on my last day at Amazon. 


  • The stipend is pretty good. (40000 rupees per month is on the higher side of industry standards as far as internship stipends go) 
  • We used to get a separate 1100 rupees per month in the form of cash vouchers as food allowance. 
  • We got free plane tickets for our onwards and return journey. This was my first air travel experience, and hence will always remain memorable. 🙂 
  • On the first day, you get a water bottle, a diary and a T-shirt. 
  • A 15 day accommodation is provided in a very luxurious 4 star hotel. I come from a rather simple family background, so I wasn’t accustomed to such posh environments, so it was a bit overwhelming, in a good way, especially the attention, and the facilities. Breakfast was complimentary. 
  • Travel for interns, to and from the office was completely free and provided by the company. 
  • There were free coffee vending machines inside the office with a large assortment of beverages like soups, hot chocolate and whatnot. If there’s one thing I learnt the hard way was that, espresso is really bitter.:p I don’t know how people enjoy that stuff. I used to mainly enjoy the hot chocolate. 
  • There were recreation rooms with foosball, cricket, PS4, XBOX ONE, pool and a few other games. 
  • Interns are also provided with a Macbook that you can carry with you during your time at Amazon. 
  • There are a few team outings and lunches/dinners as well. 


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