Amazon SDE Interview Experience (3 Aug 2019)

Round 1:

Ques 1:- Arrange the Array in alternate increasing decreasing order.

Ques 2:- Kth smallest element in a row-wise and column-wise sorted 2d array

Round 2:

Ques 1:- Print the path between any two nodes in a binary tree

Ques 2:- A infix expression is given how will you evaluate the expression.

Step 1:- Convert infix expression to postfix expression.

Step 2:- Evaluate Postfix expression

Round 3:

Ques 1:- Check if a Binary Tree is BST or Not

Ques 2:- Find the height of Binary Tree

Ques 3:- Two nodes of BST are swapped find the nodes.


I have given the solution for all the problem except Ques 1 of Round 2, and Solution of Ques 3 of Round 3 is not optimal according to him.


Final result;- After 3rd round HR told you didn’t clear the interview.

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