Amazon SDE Internship Interview Experience | On Campus-2019


ROUND 1: It was a Computer Based Test Interview of 90 min.

Difficulty : Medium.

1- Aptitude questions.
2- Debug the code.(JAVA/C++/C /PYTHON ETC.)
3- Two medium coding questions .

20 /90 got selected.

ROUND 2: Coding Interview Round
Started with friendly handshake and cliche question ” Tell me about yourself something unique which is not mentioned in cv” .
All the coding questions were asked in 3 phases:

1-Data structure & Algo to be used
2- Writing explicit code & explaining complexity.
3-Again solving it with modifications & optimization.

Further solving if negative jumps are given.
The main focus was on algo used i.e. BFS


I told basic approach i.e. traveling in the right direction & then storing the required level and doing Binary search. But the use of gray code was required.The interviewer helped me to get to the soln.

Q4: Sort a nearly sorted (or K sorted) array.

Interviewer hinted to use searching algo.I got the point to use insertion sort.
Then he asked if i could use any data structure to optimize it .I used heap .
There wasn’t any time pressure .If you aren’t getting any idea of how to start , interviewer will give you suggestions.
Do a dry run on paper to explain your code.

He moved to cse fundamentals :
1- Explain on paper Deadlock.
2-Elucidate inheritance.
3-Asked for preference JAVA /C++. I said java.
4-Does JAVA support multiple inheritance?

He expected me to explain the diamond problem with a clear example.
At last, asked me if I had any questions for him.

This is a great opportunity to showcase your oratory skills. I Asked about current projects, domain of intern work which would be given.

The interviewer was really helpful in steering my way to get to the optimized soln by giving constantly hints.Its just that you need to speak out your thought process.

I would like to owe 80% of my success in cracking amazon interview to GFG who have beautifully curated sections like :

1-AMAZON Interview Experiences.



I must say there was a huge questions question resemblance that helped me to get on to the solution approach in time quickly.

I am really proud & elated from being an avid reader of AMAZON Interview Experiences to being a writer of one.

GFG is a must-read to crack such tech-giants company.

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