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Amazon SDE-2 Experience (6.5 Years Exp)

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 15 Jul, 2019

I went through Amazon interview experience. This is my Exp

Round 1(telephonic):
1. Print nodes at K distance in BT
2. Sort array when it is away at most by K distance
3. Implement priority queue

Round 2(f2f):
Code to implement file system name by integer where you can add/delete file by lowest integer val available
Implement arraylist

Round 3:
Design commenting system which can support different type of clients let’s say Facebook zomato any type of client which can have their requirements.

Round 4:
Design subscription based sports website which can display scores, game status, history for any games hld and lld

Round 5(HM):
How to improve website performance discussion on cache, proxy, connection pool
Implement connectionPool

Round 6(BR):
Given n print all valid parenthesis

Round 7(HM):
Design Netflix

Round 2-5 happened in bangalore and 6-7 in hyd.

Round 5 was not upto mark and I was looking for hyd location so they had 1 more extra round.

Verdict – Selected.

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