Amazon SDE-1 Interview Experience | WOW-2020

Online Test:
The first round contains easy to medium questions. The online test consists of 28 MCQs in which there were general aptitude questions, OOPS, output, Data structure etc. In addition to this, there were 2 coding questions.
Q2).Find the position of leftmost and the rightmost set bit, also the number of total set bits.
Tips– Complexity doesn’t matter in this round, O(n2) solution is acceptable. Also STL works well.

After this there are 4 Technical Online Interviews.

Round 1:

It is a coding round consisting of two coding questions.

Q2). Find the strings from an array which are not prefix of any other string. (He want the optimised trie solution with full Trie implementation).

Round 2:

It is also a coding round consisting of two coding questions.

Q1). At first he asked me about cache and its types and then full implementation.

Round 3:

This round is based on knowledge about subjects and 2 coding questions are asked. At first he asked me about my favourite subject I said Data Structure then he asked me basic questions about the complexity and type, and questions related to Cache(Very Important).



Round 4:

It was both behavioural and technical round. Amazon focuses more on their Leadership principles. Questions related to that were asked. For Example:-

  1. Describe any situation when your judgement/idea had a great impact.
  2. Describe any situation when you took initiative.
  3. What will you do if you are given a deadline and it’s not possible to complete that project with that deadline.
  4. Describe a situation when your teammates did not agreed with your idea.

Many more questions were asked. The interviewer wants me to give answers specifically related to software only.

Two coding questions were asked-




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