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Amazon RDS – Starting a Previously Stopped Amazon RDS DB Instance

Last Updated : 27 Mar, 2023
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This article aims to enlighten you about “Starting a Previously Stopped Amazon RDS DB Instance”. AWS provides us the facility to start, stop or delete any DB Instance at any time. All this is entirely dependent on the user, i.e. he or she is the only person who can perform these operations on the running DB Instance. Let us understand the difference between, stopping & deleting database instances.

  • Stopping any database instance makes it temporarily offline. All other resources attached with the database cannot be re-allocated to other users, they still belong to you only, and you are supposed o pay for them. Some featured like backups, maintenance, etc. are turned off during the stopped period of a DB instance.
  • Deleting a database instance permanently terminates it. You can only retrieve the data of a deleted database instance by the means of snapshots. And once you delete the database instance, all the other resources attached to it can be re-allocated to new users. Thus, you won’t be paying for the DB instance you deleted.

Now, let’s jump straight to the step-by-step procedure of starting a previously stopped Amazon RDS DB instance

Step 1: Login into your AWS account, once you are directed ahead. From the left, click on “services” present on the leftmost part of the AWS management console. And from the drop-down menu tap on the option “RDS” under the database section. Refer to the image attached ahead.

Step 2: In a while, RDS management console will load on your screen. From the navigation pane, choose “Databases”. Here is the image to refer to.

Step 3: Now, from the list of existing database instances, select the instance, you want to start. Here is the image attached ahead for reference.

Step 4: Now, click on the tab “Actions”. Further from the listed options, choose “Start”. Here is the image attached for better understanding.

We have officially completed the process of starting a previously stopped DB Instance. To confirm that the DB instance is started or not. Check the status of the instance. It should display a message saying, “Available”. Refer to the image attached.

In this way, we can simply start a previously stopped Amazon RDS DB instance using the console medium. To avoid bills on your free tier accounts make sure you delete all the services and terminate all the machines before signing out of our account. 

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