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Amazon On-Campus Internship 2019

  • Last Updated : 28 Aug, 2019

Round 1:

This was a coding and aptitude round. It was divided into 3 sections- quants, logical and aptitude and coding.

There were 30 aptitude questions which were simple. Anyone could score full in this with little precaution. Answers to some questions were dependent on each other. So, answer carefully.

There were 20 quants which were also simple and easy.

The coding section had 2 questions which were to be done in 1 hr and 30 mins.

First question was a simple array based question on the concept on Window Sliding.

Second question was to find the avg waiting in round robin shceduled algorithm.

There were around 400 aplicants.

Round 2:

Around 40 people were selected for this round. The list was further extended. This was a technical interview round

and continued till 11 pm at night. Majority of the questions were based on trees, resume and heaps. Some questions were based on stack and queue. Questions from OS and DBMS were asked by some interviewer.

Finally, They took 13 students for internship.

Advice:  1. Be thorough with your resume and your Projects.

2.Put Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence in your resume only if you know very well otherwise your interview may get screwed dosen’t matter how good you are at coding.

3.I have seen people knowing just theory of coding and little application getting selected by their patience confidence and honesty.


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