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Amazon Interview | Set 99 (On-Campus)
  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 20 Jun, 2019

Amazon interview experience :-

1st Round :-
20 mcq and 2 coding questions
1. Left view of binary tree
2. addition of 3 link list

2nd round F2F :-
1. check listlist is palindrome or not
2. level order traversal in spiral form

3rd round :-
1. Length of the longest substring without repeating characters
2. Length of the longest substring who occur more than one in string
like :- geeksforgeek so answer is geek.

4th round :-
tell me abt ur self
check tree is BST or not and code for it
Check number is power of 2 or not
what is Dns
difference btw TCP and UDP
one tough question is which i dont remember but it i dont know how to solve this question but interviewer help me alot to crack this question and ask me to code for my algorithm.

5th round(HR round) :-
1. about myself
2. 15 min. about my project
3. given a string return character whose count is 1 and position is right most… example :- aabccddefff so b and e count 1 :- so return e.
4. given a newspaper you have to find word in it.. so i solve it by trie.

suggestions :-
1. if you dont know answer of coding question so dont worry interviewer will help you. He always give you hint and you have to think on that way.
2. GeeksforGeek
3. Always say interviewer what is your intrest subject.

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