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Amazon Interview | Set 95 (For SDE-I)

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 03 Nov, 2021

Hi, Below is my interview experience for Amazon for SDE-I position.

1.) Traverse a binary tree in a spiral manner. (zig-zag manner)
2.) Given a number, find the just greater number than the given number containing the same digits as the given number. Write code for this.

1.) Print a binary tree in a level order traversal but in bottom to top manner.
2.) Given 2 BSTs, validate their equality. Both are equal if they consist of the same set of values irrespective of their structures. (Can you traverse them parallelly).
3.) Given a infinite stream of integers, find the first non-repeated number till now. Write code for this.

1.) Given a binary tree, convert it into doubly linked list and after the conversion, the linked list should
look like the post order traversal of the binary tree. The conversion should be in-place. What is the time and space complexity of the program.
2.) Given the following sequence
A, B, C,…..Z, AA, AB, AC,…….AZ, BA,…..BZ…..ZZ, AAA…..
1, 2, 3,…..26,27………………………………………..
Given n, return the string. What is the time and space complexity of the program.
Write code for this.

Round-4(F2F) – with Hiring Manager
1.) Given an array, return the second largest number. Write code for this.
You can not modify the array, just traverse the array once and return the required number.
Handle all the edge cases. What should be the function signature.
2.) Given two files which contain very large size of number, say the size of the file is 5 GB.
That means that you can not load the whole file into memory. How would you add these two files and store the result in another file. Long discussion on optimization.

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